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B2B project with migration to VTEX IO. Customization of the sales flow to help Colgate reach healthier horizons at an international level.

The Colgate Store is Colgate's e-commerce platform, a brand known for its oral hygiene products. Always striving for healthier horizons, the brand's mission is to reimagine a smiling future for people.

ChallengeThe biggest challenge of the project was customizing the sales flow of the platform to fit Colgate's operations.


The solution found was migrating platforms from SAP to VTEX IO. Initially, the solution was implemented only in Brazil, but soon countries like India, Argentina, Switzerland, and Canada will be in focus. The project was aimed at B2B, targeting small and medium-sized retailers, but primarily small pharmacies.


Tech Insights

The authentication flow was customized, and the VTEX promotion module was extended.


After going live, both the customization and platform migration were successful.