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Dengo Case Study: Unveiling the impact of ecommerce experience and visuals on results


Beyond Taste: Dengo Savors Remarkable Results

Resultados alcançados

Revenue Increase


conversion Rate Increase


average Page Load Time


Challenge & Solution

The core challenge was to elevate the consumer experience in the digital realm, which involved a meticulous redesign of the e-commerce platform, with a specific focus on optimizing the user experience. Dengo opted for an approach of continuous improvement on its website. This journey has been marked by continuous improvements and innovative solutions, allowing the brand to stand out and continue to evolve in its digital landscape.


Customer-Centric Solutions

* UX and UI Analysis; * SEO Audit for Improvement Recommendations; * Secure Lock" Feature for Purchase Completion; * Revision of WhatsApp Link Previously Validated in an A/B Test; * Enhanced Button Visibility on Pages.

Impactful Solutions